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I'm trying to encourage ang_grrr to run through the department with a machete. It's a gradual process. Today we've reached "shooting dark looks". I'm hoping tomorrow I can stop her holding doors open for people.

And it's a big hello to the_magician

Who doesn't know who he had lunch with on Sunday at Novacon. He was having lunch with my politer alter-ego. She was chewing before she swallowed, using a knife and fork, even forgoing licking the plate. And she still was confused with little old me.

ACtually, the way she was eating at TCASU you'd think she was eating for two anyway.

My soul...

Your soul is worth £1404. For your peace of mind, 98% of people have a purer soul than you.

I'm suprised. I thought it would be worth less than that.

Vive la revolution

In a recent poll by green_amber I got a single vote as favourite journal.

Well done that single minion. When I come to my ascendancy you will be favoured. imay even give you the job of burning all the Brownie Books.